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I understand the pain and suffering that victims of personal injury and their families suffer due to the negligent actions of others.

Personal injury cases are not simply "personal injury cases". I am a lawyer who understands the trauma victims and their families suffer, and that many times, the event changes lives forever. In my over 20 years of law practice, both as an injury attorney and prosecutor, I know that personal injury victims and their families need an experienced advocate who will be relentless in the fight for fair and just compensation.

Nothing motivates me more than standing up for victims who are injured or killed through no fault of their own.

In my years as an elected prosecutor, I fought on the front lines battling the worst of the worst - child molesters, rapists and murderers. What motivated me was fighting for the people victims that these reprehensible criminals victimized. I ran a victim centered office focusing attention and resources not just on putting bad guys away, but also ensuring that victims were not victimized by their experience with the criminal justice system. Being prosecutor was a sincerely rewarding xperience. I use all of my skill and abilities to fight for those injured or killed through no fault of their own. I now use this same passion, skill and experience to fight for those injured or killed - not because of an intentional criminal act, but because of negligence which is handled in the civil courts.

I never back down.

Insurances companies are in the business of making money. They have shareholders and are profit driven. Insurance companies, because they are profit driven, try and keep as much of their money as possible. Insurance companies fight a war of attrition. These companies don't willingly just settle claims for fair value. Big insurance companies, and the lawyers who are paid hourly to defend them, often drag cases out in the hopes that the injured will tire and give up. I have a proven history of never backing down. I never give up. I am a fighter. Just like when I was prosecutor, I will not allow an insurance company to re-victimize the injured by not fairly compensating them for their injuries.

I am experienced, tested and tough.

Every personal injury case is a battle. A fight to secure financial compensation for the injured from an insurance companies that will not willingly pay. No battle should ever be fought without an experienced, tested, and toughwarrior. I leverage my proven history of standing up for victims and my experience as a relentless fighter in every battle. Nothing is more rewarding than helping an innocent victim receive just compensation and put their life back together.

In time of crisis only aggressive, effective and experienced representation can make it right. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to take action on your behalf. Call us 317.634.IZZI (4994)